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As if they were your own ...

A healthy set consists of 32 teeth. And it should possibly stay that way for a long time – we are fully committed to this goal. But don’t worry: Even if you lose a tooth through an accident or dental disease, there is an almost perfect replacement – a dental implant.

Dental implants are artificial teeth, which are integrated securely into the structure of your jaw. They feel like real teeth and can last a lifetime!

Solid support for your teeth
Cornerstones for stability and well-being

An implant is tightly placed within the jaw bone where it basically provides a root replacement for a new tooth. After a healing period, the new tooth can be placed over the implant. A dental crown that meets the highest expectations: It looks, feels and functions like your own natural tooth.

Our expectation leads to great results 

Don’t worry: Every year more than 100,000 dental implants are installed in Germany alone. Hence, the technique has proven itself on a broad level. To guarantee success, flawless dental hygiene prior and post surgery is very important. Moreover, it is necessary to get the implant checked at our practice at least twice a year. That way you can make sure it will last and function for a long time without any complications.

That’s the way to do it: Painless road to new teeth

Anesthesia makes the implantation rather painless. The dentist then posts the implant securely into the bone. After a short healing process the implant can perform accordingly:

  • as an anchor tooth to support a bridge
  • as a root for a new tooth
  • to secure a prosthesis

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