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Cardinal point: The sensitive temporomandibular joint  

Ligaments, fibers and cartilage of the temporomandibular joint are subject to constant stress – not only when you chew. It is of great importance to all joints of the human body. Just like an oblique pelvis position can proceed along the spine and eventually cause neck tension, irregular functions of the temporomandibular joint can provoke discomforts in other parts of the body.


Irregularities of the temporomandibular joint are dysfunctions of the masticatory system (craniomandibular dysfunction – CMD). CMD can be caused by trauma to the teeth, such as grinding or clenching. Even after orthodontic treatment, these symptoms can occur. Further causes can be stress due to improper dentures, such as dental prostheses or bridges.


Head-, face- and neck tension may develop as well as cracking of the temporomandibular joint, discomfort when opening your mouth, trigeminal neuralgia, dysphagia, tinnitus, ear noise, headaches, and many more.

Course of Treatment  

Initially, a thorough diagnosis is crucial. Dental imprints are made and a state-of-the-art functional jaw movement analysis by Zebris is performed. Through specific grip techniques the condition of ligaments, fibers and muscles are determined. Quite often specifically designed bite splints are made in order to relieve the jaw joint. Additionally, massages and medication can be included in the treatment.


The patient should pay special attention to any changes during the therapy and learn different relaxation methods. Since many different factors can be the cause of this specific dysfunction – it is a multicausal process – orthodontists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists and dentists should work closely together.

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