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Cardinal point: The sensitive temporomandibular joint  

Ligaments, fibers and carti­lage of the temporo­mandibular joint are subject to constant stress – not only when you chew. It is of great impor­tance to all joints of the human body. Just like an oblique pelvis position can proceed along the spine and eventu­ally cause neck tension, irreg­ular functions of the temporo­mandibular joint can provoke discom­forts in other parts of the body.


Irreg­u­lar­i­ties of the temporo­mandibular joint are dysfunc­tions of the masti­ca­tory system (craniomandibular dysfunc­tion – CMD). CMD can be caused by trauma to the teeth, such as grinding or clenching. Even after ortho­dontic treat­ment, these symptoms can occur. Further causes can be stress due to improper dentures, such as dental prostheses or bridges.


Head-​, face- and neck tension may develop as well as cracking of the temporo­mandibular joint, discom­fort when opening your mouth, trigem­inal neuralgia, dysphagia, tinnitus, ear noise, headaches, and many more.

Course of Treatment  

Initially, a thorough diagnosis is crucial. Dental imprints are made and a state-​of-​the-​art functional jaw movement analysis by Zebris is performed. Through specific grip techniques the condi­tion of ligaments, fibers and muscles are deter­mined. Quite often specif­i­cally designed bite splints are made in order to relieve the jaw joint. Addition­ally, massages and medica­tion can be included in the treatment.


The patient should pay special atten­tion to any changes during the therapy and learn different relax­ation methods. Since many different factors can be the cause of this specific dysfunc­tion – it is a multi­causal process – ortho­don­tists, psychother­a­pists, physio­ther­a­pists and dentists should work closely together.

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