Your mouth is not everything – but without your mouth everything is nothing

The orthodontic and the dentists are side by side under one roof in our practice. Thus, we can offer our patients the best possible comprehensive care – from baby teeth to dentures.

Your advantage: We examine your medical history, discuss your case regularly – if possible in your presence – and guarantee the best individual care possible– regardless of your age.

You don’t need to be under dental treatment with us in order to receive full orthodontic care. We work with so-called invisible appliances.

For that we use the incognito-lingual technique (braces on the inner side of your teeth - and Invisalign (transparent aligners -

When and why do I need orthodontic treatment?

1. Baby teeth (4 - 5 years)  

In order to detect harmful habits at an early stage.

Treatment: Prior to elementary school, tongue position and linguistic patterns should be tested. If necessary, bad habits should be treated and stopped.

2. Changing teeth (7 - 8 years)  

In order to guide and support this crucial phase and the rotation of teeth in the best possible way.

Treatment: During the transition period, when baby teeth are replaced by the permanent set of teeth, special care is needed. In this phase removable retainers are typically used.

3.Permanent teeth (12 - 13 years)  

For the treatment of malocclusions of permanent teeth.

Treatment: This phase will determine whether treatment with a retainer or braces is necessary

4. Adult treatment (13 - 100 years)  

Orthodontic treatment is possible at any age.

Treatment: E.g.: correction of malocclusions (e.g.: lower jaw front), in order to prevent beveling of teeth for bridges and implants. We also attend to patients who are in need of surgery (dysgnathia surgery). Please approach us regarding possible treatments with invisible appliances.

Because your smile is our success.

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