Prophylaxis – as important as your car inspection

No chance for cavities & Co.  

Healthy teeth and a bright beautiful smile: invaluable treasures that you should try to keep for a lifetime. Our practice’s concept will help you along the way: prevention instead of treatment! You can take different preventative measures at home through proper dental care and a healthy diet. At our practice we work with state-of-the-art devices to complement your preventative actions. That way cavities and periodontitis don’t stand a chance.

Halitosis: always fresh breath  

One in four Europeans suffers from halitosis. However, it is still widely considered to be a taboo topic.

In ancient Greek mythology halitosis had momentous consequences: The women of the island Lemnos were infused with terrible breath by Aphrodite as a punishment for their failure in worshipping her sanctuaries. As a consequence their husbands took to their heels. We make sure no one will desert you.

Saliva: a very special juice  

In order to maintain healthy teeth, mineralized saliva is essential. Through a bacteria and saliva test, we are able to determine your personal risk for tooth decay and periodontitis. Are there too many bacteria in your saliva? Do you have a healthy diet?

The saliva test serves as an important basis for all further prophylaxis measures.

Dental care: the right bite, the right brush  

It mainly depends on you whether you preserve healthy teeth. Our dental hygienist – Brigitte Schulte – provides you with thorough advice for a healthy diet and reinforces proper home dental care techniques with a brush, floss and other tools.

Several times a year the professionals clean  

No matter how well you brush: some places are just impossible to reach. This is where plaque and tartar build-up trigger cavities. Therefore, the core preventative method in our practice is a professional teeth cleaning by our trained dental hygienist at the highest possible hygienic level with state of the art devices. We stop all kinds of dental plaque in a pain-free and thorough way.

Survival of the fittest: fluorides  

In case you are threatened by an increased risk of tooth decay, we are able to fluoridate your teeth. In this process we apply fluorides – natural minerals, which strengthen your teeth and make them more resistant towards bacteria.

All closed up: fissure sealing  

Many teeth have small cracks, which can make them more vulnerable for cavities. No brush can handle those fissures. That is why we seal deep cracks and grooves with synthetic material that quickly hardens.

No fear of the dentist and beautiful teeth all your life!

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