Teeth Whitening – smile please

"Beauty comes from within" – but what if someone smiles at you? You want to smile back!

How to get naturally white teeth?

Grandma’s home remedies for white teeth
Brush your teeth with mashed strawberries... brush your teeth with baking soda... brush your teeth with coarse salt... rinse your mouth with olive or sunflower oil...

Honestly: The olive treatment is our favorite: it cannot cause any harm and is utterly pointless at the same time.

Our concept for bright white teeth

Giving nature a little boost. There is a teeth whitening boom at the moment. Those who don’t have naturally white teeth, now have many options to change that. But be careful: Not all whitening treatments live up to what they promise.

In particular the popular home whitening kits most often only achieve very minimal whitening effects. Moreover, it can be harmful. During the two-week treatment, whitening gel is inevitably released from the bleaching brace, mixes with your saliva and is then swallowed. Much safer and more effective are professional whitening techniques, which are choosed by us under dental aspects.

Fast and gentle: LumaArch 
A true innovation in terms of teeth whitening is "LumaArch" – a treatment which was developed by a former NASA scientist. Unlike conventional procedures, this new method from the US can achieve an improvement in the level of whitening by up to three shades within only one 120-minute session. The results last for at least five years! Right before the whitening session, the patient’s gums are covered with liquid silicone gel. After that the 15% whitening gel is applied and irradiated with a special light. After only 120 minutes, the desired white shade is reached – gently, without harming the tooth.

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