Veneers – beautifully dressed

Celebrities swear by them – why don’t you?

Shiny white teeth are a sign of health and beauty. Some people naturally have a beautiful set of teeth, while others are concerned by small flaws. In this case a minor cosmetic dental treatment can help. Modern methods help to whiten discolored teeth, hide small gaps and even correct minor irregularities.

Teeth all dressed up

Veneers – ultra-thin ceramic shells – can work wonders in improving the general appearance of patients’ teeth. First, a very thin layer of enamel will be removed from unsightly front teeth so that the thin veneer (0,5 mm) can be placed on the respective tooth. The ceramic veneers are tooth-colored and therefore create a natural look. Small gaps can be closed, malformations corrected, ugly fillings can be covered up and broken teeth fixed, without sacrificing healthy tooth structure.

You can find more information on teeth whitening here

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