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A beautiful smile is no coincidence!

We welcome you to our website to inform you about different analyses, diagnoses and treat­ment methods in modern dentistry. You will learn more about prophy­laxis, veneers, ortho­dontia, root canal treat­ment, dental indicated teeth whitening, dental aesthetics, dental implants, crowns, tooth colored fillings and dentures.
We also act as asses­sors in all of these areas.

One thing is clear to us: Our focus is on you
Because: We look at the person attached to the tooth

We hope to give you a compre­hen­sive overview of modern dentistry and illus­trate new methods that will help you to preserve your teeth.

Because: A thorough consul­ta­tion is our standard

Please send us an email or give us a call, should you have any questions, comments or sugges­tions. Our multi­lin­gual team speaks English, Italian and Japanese.
And something to keep in mind for hot summer days: Our office is air-​conditioned.

Your dentists from Unter­schleißheim
Dr. Sonja Münch and Dr. Roswitha Graf

Our focus is on you
The decay of time ...  

Fear, pain, dental artists and the ongoing search for quali­fied techniques and new treat­ment methods mark the history of dental medicine. It is also an inter­esting part of social and cultural history, which you can learn more about if you like.

Did you know that …
… Mona Lisa didn’t have anything to laugh about, since she didn’t have any teeth
… we owe pastry to the Sun King’s lack of teeth
… Napoleon Bonaparte had a terrible toothache in the night right before Waterloo
… George Washington gives us a tooth­less smile from the one dollar bill
… Mao Tse-​Tung had bad breath, since he regarded brushing ones teeth as unnec­es­sary
… Count Dracula constantly brushed his teeth
… a dentist invented anesthesia
… titanium used for the hip origi­nated from dental research
… we are happy to provide the highest standard of dental care for you

We are happy to be at your service and look forward to your visit!



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