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Engineering is in the Graf family’s blood. Dr. Graf’s father and brother are both engineers and she followed suit. After completing her degree in engineering, Dr. Graf added a degree in dentistry from the Univer­sity of Erlangen. During her studies she gained inter­na­tional experi­ence in Thailand, where she worked in surgery at the Navy Hospital in Bangkok as well as at a univer­sity in Thailand’s interior. Apart from restora­tive therapy and prosthetic treat­ments, her main focus lies on periodontal treat­ment as well as craniomandibular dysfunc­tion (CMD).

Dr. Roswitha Graf - Curriculum Vitae  
1984 Begin­ning of her degree in dentistry at the Friedrich-​Alexander Univer­sity in Erlangen
1986 Study visit to Bangkok (Chula­longkorn Univer­sity and the surgical depart­ment of the Navy Hospital)
1989 License to practice dentistry in Erlangen
19891991 Three year residency in Nurem­berg, Neumarkt and Murnau
1992 Conferral of doctorate (Dr. med. dent.) in Erlangen
1992 Dental practice in Nuremberg
1997 Joint practice at Munich airport
2000 Entry joint practice Dr. Sonja Münch in Unter­schleißheim Lohhof
since 2008 Certi­fied special­iza­tion in periodontics
since 2010 Certi­fied special­iza­tion in craniomandibular dysfunc­tion (CMD)
2013 LLP Dr. Münch and Dr. Graf

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-​, Mund- und Kiefer­heilkunde (DGZMK)
German Society of Dental, Oral and Craniomandibular Sciences

Arbeits­ge­mein­schaft für Funktions­di­ag­nostik und Therapie (AFDT)
Working Committee for Function Diagnosis and Therapy

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Parodon­tologie (DGP)
German Society of Periodontology

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akupunktur (DÄGfA)
German Society of Acupuncture

Dental practice

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