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As an accredited specialist in orthodontics, Dr. Horch fully identifies with her task. She maintains her leading professional edge with regular advanced trainings. State-of-the-art technology complements her work. Dr. Horch alone performs all orthodontic treatments in our practice. This consistency hones her skills and helps reach her therapeutic goals. At all times the patients’ well-being and satisfaction is Dr. Horch’s top priority. Her objective is to offer personal, individual and extensive care in a reasonable time frame to all her patients – children, teenagers and adults. She attaches great importance to privacy protection, focused treatment and an open dialogue with her patients.

It is the interdisciplinary network with dentists Dr. Münch and Dr. Graf as well as other medical doctors and therapists that is extremely important to Dr. Horch for achieving aesthetic, functional and permanent therapeutic outcomes. This interdisciplinary teamwork approach between dental and orthodontic experts provides a tremendous advantage for our patients.

Dr. Caroline Leonore Horch - Curriculum Vitae  

Degree in dentistry from the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich as well as the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn

License to practice dentistry
General dental practice as a research assistant at the Polyclinic for Oro-Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery at the Technical University of Munich
Director: Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Dr. hc. Hans-Henning Horch
2002-2003 Trainee at a renowned specialized practice for orthodontics in Munich
2003 Doctorate degree in dentistry (Dr. med. dent.) from the Faculty of Medicine at the Technical University Munich
2003-2006 Research Assistant at the Clinic for Orthodontics at the RWTH Aachen,
Director: Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. P. Diedrich
since 2003 Certification for the use of the Incognito® system (lingual technology)
2006 Certification as a dentist specializing in orthodontics
since 2007 Employee as an orthodontic specialist at the dental practice (LLP) of Dr. med. dent. Sonja Münch / Dr. med. dent. Roswitha Graf in Unterschleißheim
since 2009 Resident, own practice in Munich Bogenhausen

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kieferorthopädie (DGKFO)
German Orthodontic Society

Bund Deutscher Kieferorthopäden (BDK)
German Association of Orthodontists

Certified and active member of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Linguale Orthodontie e.V. (DGLO)
German Society of Lingual Orthodontics

Dental practice

Bezirksstraße 50
85716 Unterschleißheim

Phone 089-32 14 56 78
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7:30 a.m. - by appointment

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7:30 a.m. - by appointment

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