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If a vision is a realistic image of the desired future, Dr. Münch is on the right track. For more than 14 years, with skill, heart and soul, she has been diligently pursuing her vision of the perfect dental practice. Together with her team, Dr. Münch offers complete care and support to her patients, spanning the complete range from pediatric dentistry to overall refurbishments – all under one roof. It is Dr. Münch’s success that brings excited new patients every day.

She always works according to her belief that life-long learning and listening are the safest paths to gain competence and trust. Her patients need to understand her work and the different treatment options available to them in order to choose the right therapy. “At age 14 amalgam, at 30 composite fillings, at age 40 the first crown, at 50 the second crown, at 60 a prosthesis and finally an implant” – Dr. Münch wants to break this typical dental cascade. Join her on this mission!

Dr. Sonja Münch – Curriculum Vitae

1982 Beginning of her degree in dentistry at the University of Erlangen
1986 Study visits to the USSF, San Francisco (temporomandibular joint diseases) Forsyth Center Harvard University, Boston (orthodontics)
1989 License to practice dental medicine
1989 Doctorate with distinction
1989-1991 Assistant at private practices
1991-1996 Partner of joint practice in Unterschleißheim
1997 Own private practice at Bezirksstraße 50 in Unterschleißheim
2000 Included Dr. Graf to the newly founded joint practice
2013 LLP Dr. Münch and Dr. Graf


  • Endodontia (root canal treatment)
  • Cosmetic dentistry


  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für ästhetische Zahnheilkunde (DGÄZ)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Endodontie (DGET)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Parodontologie (DGP)
  • Verein zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Zahnheilkunde in Bayern (VFwZ