Without healthy teeth, there is no healthy body

Healthy gums – perfect grip

Dental plaque and tartar buildup attacks not only your teeth, but also your gums and gum pockets. This results in gingivitis and bad breath (halitosis). Gingivitis (periodontitis) is a contagious bacterial disease. Usually the first sign is gum bleeding. If left untreated, the infection can even harm the jaw bone. This can lead to a subsequent loss of teeth. After the age of 40 more teeth are lost through periodontal disease than through cavities.

Regeneration of gums and bone

We offer a highly effective therapy for receding gums and bone loss as a result of periodontitis: Our treatment helps to preserve the tissue around the tooth and minimize analgesia and the risk of root decay.

Prevention is the best medicine

Thorough daily dental hygiene as well as regular check-ups are the best preventative methods against periodontitis. This also includes regular removal of all hard and soft plaque – depending on the diagnosis, two to four times a year.

This is how we fight periodontitis

What can you do if your gums have been affected severely? After a thorough pre-treatment by our dental hygienist, including a professional teeth cleaning, we remove all hard and soft plaque from your gums and gum pockets. The inflamed tissue is removed and the tooth surface polished. In advanced cases it might be necessary to reconstruct lost bone in order to stabilize the teeth. Today, regular check-ups as well as bacteria inspections can bring periodontitis to a halt.

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