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Dental Practice


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Now please clench your teeth and open wide!

Now please clench your teeth and open wide!

Welcome to our homepage – even beyond regular office hours. We look forward to receiving your feedback – any suggestions, comments or questions are welcome.

We are dedicated to being much more than a simple repair service: We pursue a form of dentistry that includes permanent tooth preservation combined with a very high level of functionality and aesthetics. Individual care is an essential part of our philosophy.

We would like to briefly introduce these 7 pillars to you:

We would like to briefly introduce these 7 pillars to you:

I You

Doctor and patient dialogue

We consider you as our patient and client and adjust our treatment according to your individual needs and wants. Creating a dialogue with you is very important to us.

II Network

Knowledge is success

Our work is based on an active and interdisciplinary exchange of information – inside and outside of our practice. We make sure to maintain close cooperation with our dental technicians, oral surgeons, specialists (such as neurologists, ENT specialists and general practitioners) as well as specially trained physiotherapists. That way we create a comprehensive exchange and can offer you holistic dental care.

III Money

Great dentistry does not need to be expensive

No one has enough of it, no one likes to talk about it, but within our health system not everything is free of charge anymore. Therefore, we work according to the principle: We treat and charge you depending on your means.

IV Hygiene

Things only have the value one gives them

We don’t want to infect you and neither do you want to infect us – that is why we pay special attention to hygiene. In order to prevent the transmission of germs, we take various precautionary steps: Apart from basic hand disinfection, we use infrared sensors. Also, we apply disposable tools and modern, first-class sterilization devices. In order to be independent from the sterilization process, we have multiple versions of tools that are used regularly. Of course we also fulfill the strict requirements of the Robert Koch Institute (see RKI guidelines).

V Connectodent

We protect your information highway

Due to the growing complexity of possible treatments, we increasingly collaborate with different specialists. Hence, the need for effective medical communication is also increasing. One would think that viable communication systems already exist for this purpose – but they don’t! Many times insecure emails are used as the prevalent channel to transfer your sensitive data, even though those do not comply with the high data protection requirements according to the latest reports of the German Dentist Association (KZBV). We don’t do that! The software that we use (Connectodent) meets these high standards by encrypting your data.

VI Devices Technology Materials

We head towards the Future

We are no techies, but still know how important efficient equipment is. We are happy to introduce to you our high-tech assistants.

Intraoral camera: Takes pictures of your mouth without you having to suffocate during the process. More information here link arrow - Praxisinfo

Endodontics: Includes four devices, which are invaluable during root canal treatment.
Our product highlights
 here link arrow - Praxisinfo

Digital X-ray: digitalization guarantees more precise images and significantly less radiation. Moreover, we can access the X-ray images instantly. If you are interested, you will find more information here link arrow - Praxisinfo

Cerec: precision can be that fast – WITHOUT DENTAL IMPRINT!
Just take a look at image 3 here link arrow - Praxisinfo

Zebris: For optimum prosthetic treatment and the analysis of temporomandibular joint dysfunctions. Sensors collect all variances of the lower jaw and determine the setting values of all established fully adjustable articulators.
You can find more information here link arrow - Praxisinfo

Lifepak Defibrillator: On-site rescuer. In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) alone is often not enough. In those cases a defibrillator might be the only effective measure. We always have this device in our practice, a tool which usually only an emergency doctor carries. Our entire staff receives regular First Aid training.

VII Training

Learning is like rowing – if you stop, you will drift back

We cannot know everything, but still need and want to keep up with the newest developments. Hence, continuing training and education are not just buzzwords to us, but an integral part of our standards and fun. However, we are not the only ones who need to keep up with new technologies: our entire team increases their knowledge through regular training.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our dental practice. We would like to invite you to take a closer look at our premises and services.

Your team at Dr. Münch in Unterschleißheim