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Preventative Unterschleißheim

as important as your car inspection

Preventative Unterschleißheim

Prophylaxis –
as important as your car inspection

No chance for cavities & Co.

No chance for cavities & Co.

Zahnprophylaxe unterschleissheim muenchen zahnarzt  - Preventative

Healthy teeth and a bright beautiful smile: invaluable treasures that you should try to keep for a lifetime. Our practice’s concept will help you along the way: prevention instead of treatment! You can take different preventative measures at home through proper dental care and a healthy diet. At our practice we work with state-of-the-art devices to complement your preventative actions. That way cavities and periodontitis don’t stand a chance.


Halitosis: always fresh breath

One in four Europeans suffers from halitosis. However, it is still widely considered to be a taboo topic.

In ancient Greek mythology halitosis had momentous consequences: The women of the island Lemnos were infused with terrible breath by Aphrodite as a punishment for their failure in worshipping her sanctuaries. As a consequence their husbands took to their heels. We make sure no one will desert you.


Saliva: a very special juice

In order to maintain healthy teeth, mineralized saliva is essential. Through a bacteria and saliva test, we are able to determine your personal risk for tooth decay and periodontitis. Are there too many bacteria in your saliva? Do you have a healthy diet?

The saliva test serves as an important basis for all further prophylaxis measures.

Dental care: the right bite, the right brush

Dental care: the right bite, the right brush

Zahnprophylaxe unterschleissheim muenchen zahnarzt 3 - Preventative

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