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A beautiful smile is no coincidence!

We welcome you to our website to inform you about different analyses, diagnoses and treatment methods in modern dentistry. You will learn more about prophylaxis, veneers, orthodontia, root canal treatment, dental indicated teeth whitening, dental aesthetics, dental implants, crowns, tooth colored fillings and dentures.

One thing is clear to us: Our focus is on you

Because: We look at the person attached to the toot

We hope to give you a comprehensive overview of modern dentistry and illustrate new methods that will help you to preserve your teeth.

Because: A thorough consultation is our standard

Please send us an email or give us a call, should you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Our multilingual team speaks English, Italian and Japanese.

Your dental practice from Unterschleißheim
Dr. Sonja Münch

And something to keep in mind for hot summer days: Our office is air-conditioned.

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The decay of time …

Fear, pain, dental artists and the ongoing search for qualified techniques and new treatment methods mark the history of dental medicine. It is also an interesting part of social and cultural history, which you can learn more about if you like.

Did you know that …

  • Mona Lisa didn’t have anything to laugh about, since she didn’t have any teeth
  • we owe pastry to the Sun King’s lack of teeth
  • Napoleon Bonaparte had a terrible toothache in the night right before Waterloo
  • George Washington gives us a toothless smile from the one dollar bill
  • Mao Tse-Tung had bad breath, since he regarded brushing ones teeth as unnecessary
  • Count Dracula constantly brushed his teeth
  • a dentist invented anesthesia
  • titanium used for the hip originated from dental research
  • we are happy to provide the highest standard of dental care for you


One thing is clear to us: our focus is on you.

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ZA Dr. Sonja Münch

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